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Licence Application

Before considering making an application for a licence you are advised to consider the following questions:

Why do you require an operator’s licence?

• What type of operator licence do you need?

• How many vehicles and trailers will you need?

• Have you someplace suitable to park your vehicles and trailers?

• Have you someone competent to conduct regular vehicle maintenance and inspections?

• Can you provide evidence of ‘financial standing’ to the Traffic Commissioner?

• Do you have sufficient knowledge of drivers’ hours to ensure operator compliance?

There are other criteria that you may need to satisfy, depending on the type of licence you require, contact us today to discover more. Our fixed-fee application and expert consultation service will ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities and the legal obligations you will be making when applying for a licence, and will provide you the best opportunity for a successful outcome for your application.

Restricted Operators Licence – Operator Licence consultation fixed-fee package £199

Standard National Licence – Operator Licence consultation fixed-fee package £249

Standard International Licence – Operator Licence consultation fixed-fee package £299

Offshore Licence – Price on Application

Summary of Statutory Fees

DVSA Application Fee (The fee for DVSA to accept and process your application) £257

DVSA Interim Fee (For interim applications only, ask for details) £68

Public Notice Fee (To advertise your application, costs vary on location) £250

DVSA Licence Issue Fee (Payable upon approval of your licence) £401

GV79 Application Form