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PG9 - Prohibition Notice.

Have you been stopped and issued a roadside prohibition notice? Not sure what to do, worried about the impact on your OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score)?

A vehicle prohibition notice can have serious consequences for your operator’s licence. If you fail to notify the Traffic Commissioner of a PG9, or neglect to provide a satisfactory and comprehensive explanation as to the circumstances that led to a prohibition notice being issued, together with the steps you are proposing to take to ensure problems are not repeated then you run the risk of being registered as an AMBER or RED operator on the OCRS.

OCRS is the acronym for Operator Compliance Risk Score.

OCRS is used to calculate the risk of an operator not following the rules on roadworthiness (the condition of its vehicles) and traffic, eg drivers’ hours, weighing checks. It’s very likely your vehicles will be inspected if your OCRS is high (AMBER or RED).

Increased roadside inspections and onsite visits to your operating centre can have disastrous effects upon your business.

We provide expert advice and guidance in the strictest of confidence on how to minimise the effect of a PG9 Vehicle Prohibition Notice and we can guide you through the steps you must take to remain in compliance with your operator licence conditions.

Operator Licence holders MUST notify the Traffic Commissioner of all prohibitions as soon as possible, but in any event within 28 days of issue. This requirement applies to all vehicles, irrespective of whether they are assigned on the Operator Licence (ie 3.5 tonne vans or rented vehicles).